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Akbar Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mashhad

Project Details

  • Project Name: Akbar Children's Specialized Hospital in Mashhad
  • Contract with: Akbar Children's Specialized Hospital in Mashhad
  • Implementation Date: May 4, 2024
  • Meterage: ________________
  • Location: Mashhad
  • Product Type: Mobile rail filing system

More descriptions

This hospital was opened in the spring of 2016 by the efforts of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and the participation of Sarwar Charitable Foundation in order to provide specialized and super-specialized services to children.

Akbar Children’s Medical, Educational and Research Center has been built and equipped on 6 floors with an area of 100,000 square meters and an infrastructure of 22,000 square meters.

Akbar Children’s Hospital with 250 super-specialized beds has departments: emergency, infectious, gastroenterology, surgery, nephrology, asthma and allergy, rheumatology, lung, neurology, endocrinology and clinical nutrition.

Also, this center has specialized and sub-specialized clinics, paraclinical procedures including radiology, sonography, emergency laboratory and central laboratory are performed in this center.

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