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8 methods of coding and numbering warehouse shelves

8 methods of coding and numbering warehouse shelves

The numbering of storage shelves, which is also known as storage shelf coding, is one of the important principles in warehousing that makes it easy to access each shelf, product, and row and brings many benefits. Warehouses of large factories, where the number of rows and floors and the products on the shelves are very large, in order to record product information and easy access to each one, it is necessary to define meaningful numbering for the shelves with different methods. the best warehouse; The provider of warehouse shelving systems will refer to the most common methods and principles in warehouse shelf coding.

Advantages of numbering warehouse shelves

The shelves in large industrial warehouses, where thousands of goods are stored, have various shapes and structures according to their type. The common feature in all shelving systems, such as aisle shelving, arm shelving and pallet racks, etc., is their layered nature. In addition to the large number of floors, each row of these shelves has several separate shelves that will be used to arrange goods. Therefore, it can be said that the most important advantages of warehouse shelf numbering are:

  • Correct and quick registration of the goods in each shelf based on the number of the floor and row of the shelf
  • Easy access to any of the shelves
  • Easy warehousing in a short period of time
  • Reduction of warehousing costs due to the need for less human operators
  • Better organization of the warehouse and order in it
  • Targeting the arrangement of goods in each shelf and row
  • Easy to move and arrange goods

It should be noted that by coding the warehouse shelf, access to goods is done in a very short time and there is no need to search a lot to find each item. Therefore, fewer employees will be needed in the warehouse and this can have a great impact on reducing the economic costs of the warehouse.

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Warehouse shelf numbering methods

According to the number of goods in the warehouse, the number of shelves and rows, different methods can be chosen for numbering the shelves. Before choosing the coding method, it is necessary to consider several important principles, which are:

  • Warehouse halls should be divided according to the capacity and type of goods and their size and dimensions, as well as the type of shelving system
  • The shelves in the warehouse should be classified according to the type of goods so that the aisles are numbered.
  • Each floor of the shelf should be divided into smaller groups based on product weight, expiration date and other characteristics

After this division, it is possible to number the warehouse shelves in different ways. Among the most common methods and principles of coding the rows and classes of each shelf, the following can be mentioned:

1- Coding warehouse shelves with sequential numbers

In storage systems where the number of shelves is limited, the use of sequential numbers can be considered a suitable solution for numbering. In this method, for example, the shelves on the right side can be marked with even numbers and the left side with odd numbers. These numbers only represent each shelf, and to specify the floors and each of their rows and internal sections, numbers or letters must be used in a clear and meaningful way.

2- Coding with alphabet letters

Another suitable method for coding warehouse shelves is the use of alphabet letters. In this method, the shelves are coded alphabetically from beginning to end in the order they are arranged.

3- Numbering the warehouse shelf with numbers and letters

In large shelving systems, a combination of numbers and letters is used for numbering. In this method, the number or code is a combination of numbers and letters respectively indicating the shelf row, floor and internal sections in each row. For example, identify aisles with sequential numbers, rows on the right with odd numbers and rows on the left with even numbers, floors in each shelf from bottom to top with alphabetical letters, and internal sections with sequential numbers. .

4- Barcode numbering

In this method, the barcode is used for numbering the warehouse shelves and it is very accurate. This method is used for warehouses that are equipped with barcode scanners, and in a short time, a complete list of product information and shelf rows can be viewed. This numbering method is used in mechanized warehouses.


5- Numbering with decimal numbers

Coding with decimal or Dewey numbers is another numbering method that can be created based on set rules. For example, the code 20/4/7/2/2 can be considered for item number 20 in the inner row 4, floor 7, column 2 and row 2. The order of the numbers can be changed based on the rules of the warehouse, and no special rule is defined for it.

6- Numerical numbering

Numic is considered one of the numbering and coding methods of warehouse shelves for small warehouses with a small number of goods. This method, which has a lot of complexity, is actually a type of abbreviation that is assigned to the product. Abbreviations are used for their numbering by using the name of the product, and for this reason, it is not used for large warehouses.

7- Special numbering

This numbering method of warehouse shelving is used in warehouses that have a wide variety of goods. In this method, the goods are categorized and a special letter or number is assigned to each category. Then sub-categories are created for the goods and appropriate numbers are assigned to them. This method is also complicated and is provided based on warehouse rules. The warehouse staff must first be familiar with the meaning and concept and code of each of the main and sub-categories so as not to face problems in the arrangement and transportation of cargo.

8- Secret numbering

As it is clear from the name of this method, its meaning and concept cannot be found by viewing the code. This method is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that are specified according to warehouse security rules. In warehouses with a high level of security, this method is used more and employees must be trained.

Warehouse shelf card numbering method

In addition to the number and code on each shelf, the products in each section are also marked with numbers and letters. So that cards are installed on the shelves that show the information of the goods registered in the system. The small card or the shelf card shows information such as the product number and type, the maximum and minimum stock of it, the product counting unit and the date of arrival of the product.

Which method of numbering warehouse shelves should we choose?

Considering that there is a lot of variety in these methods, you may have doubts in choosing them. Based on the number of goods, the variety of their types, the equipment available in the warehouse, the appropriate method can be chosen. In warehouses that are equipped with barcode reading equipment, the barcode coding method is an ideal option. In small warehouses, the pneumatic method can be used. If the security level of the warehouse is high, the method of secret numbering of the warehouse shelves is suitable.

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