What are the benefits of the coding system in warehouses?

What are the benefits of the coding system in warehouses?

Some of the most important benefits of using coding in warehouses are:

  • Easy and quick identification and separation of goods from each other
  • Saving time and costs due to writing a detailed description of the goods
  • Improving the process of recording and maintaining information
  • Reducing the amount of information and increasing the speed of information exchange
  • Providing the possibility of using computer systems in the classification and identification of goods
  • Establishing uniformity and reducing errors: These errors may be derived from the inconsistency of different parts of the organization in writing long product descriptions or naming them differently.
  • Facilitating the process of receiving, classifying and storing goods in the warehouse and creating order in the arrangement of goods

There are many coding methods, the most widely used of which is the barcode coding method.

Barcode method

Barcodes are one of the most common methods of coding in computer systems, the scope of their application is expanding day by day, and from identifying goods in the warehouse to recording and recording the input and output information of goods, stores, libraries and similar cases. includes. In this method, instead of numbers, codes are displayed by light and dark bars with different thicknesses, and each bar represents a series of specific information. This information may be product name, quantity, price, production and expiration date, or other required information about warehouse goods (or personnel).


The said information is encrypted through the bars and after rereading by card readers, they are converted into letters and numbers and transmit the required information. Certainly, the use of this method requires the use of computer systems and special equipment, which due to the widespread use of computers in various affairs, bar coding also finds a more important place.

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