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How to create safety in industrial warehouses?

How to create safety in industrial warehouses?

Warehouses are one of the vital parts of commercial exchanges and are always full of different goods. Any omission in the safety of industrial warehouses can cause major disasters and financial losses and disrupt business processes. In the most optimistic scenario, financial loss, lost goods and mismanagement are only some of the consequences of an unsafe warehouse.

It has been seen many times that workers or storekeepers have lost their lives just because of incorrect arrangement or not considering the necessary standards. Accidents are unpredictable, but having the necessary preparation and following predetermined rules can have a great effect in preventing and reducing such incidents.

Steps to secure the warehouse

In this section, we introduce you to the important steps in securing the warehouse building and equipment such as industrial warehouse shelving.

First step: inspection and visit of the structure

As you can probably guess, there are many details involved in building and maintaining a warehouse structure. Experts and companies that provide design and implementation of warehouse shelving services carefully examine the process of warehouse design, construction and renovation. After checking these people, all the items that are necessary in the warehouse will be determined completely. After this step, you will enter the operation step to start the restoration.

If you are still in the design stage of the structure, it is better to talk to experts before any action. With this method, your structure will be built from the ground up in a standard way and you will not face any problems in your activity process.

Second step: identifying defects and fixing them

With the investigations carried out, deficiencies and problems and even necessary measures are identified and now the time has come to implement them. The standards related to the structure may be different depending on the specifications and application of the warehouse and the product to be imported. But in general, the most important features and requirements of an industrial warehouse include the following:

  1. The warehouse hall should be moisture-proof and the floor of the warehouse should be higher than the ground level to prevent water from entering.
  2. The walls and roof of the warehouse must have thermal insulation and fireproof. This will prevent fires and serious injuries in the event of this incident.
  3. The warehouse must have strong flooring and high resistance to the weight of heavy loads. The best option for warehouse flooring is reinforced concrete.
  4. The entrance door of the warehouse must be metal, smooth, uniform and without any gaps.
  5. The electrical wiring of the warehouse building must be done in a standard way, and the use of anti-spark switches and sockets is mandatory.
  6. The use of electric heating devices in the warehouse is prohibited, and if needed, the heating system must be safe and closed and sometimes localized.

Third step: Shelving and equipping the warehouse

After fixing the defects related to the structure, now it’s time to equip the warehouse and arrange the necessary supplies. Note that even the layout of the storage room has many points. Therefore, to be sure and avoid possible problems, it is better to get help from an expert in this area. In this way, the design of the hall will be completely standard and future incidents will be avoided to a large extent.

Some important points in equipping an industrial warehouse include the following:

  1. Standard industrial shelving must be used in the warehouse. Because only these shelves can withstand high weight.
  2. The arrangement of the shelves inside the warehouse must be in accordance with the design standards so that the passage of the lift truck and fire fighting equipment can be done easily.
  3. All equipment related to the warehouse structure must be insulated and fireproof and last up to 3 hours in case of fire.
  4. All racks must have the required guards.
  5. The necessary guidance and information signs should be used in different parts of the hall.
  6. The lighting system and lamps should be about one meter from the ceiling and at least one meter from the goods arranged on the shelf.
  7. In warehouse shelving, row numbers and coding must be specified.
  8. The guard room should be made of glass so that it has enough visibility.
  9. Fire extinguishers and first aid boxes must be placed in the places designated by the safety expert.
  10. The air conditioning and ventilation system of the warehouse should be determined according to the capacity and taken into consideration.

What is the role of shelving in the security of a warehouse?

It is easy to say that the most equipment used in warehouses are shelves. Industrial shelving can bring order to your business unit and speed up your work.

But the work of the shelf is not only to organize the warehouse, but it also optimizes the hall space and increases the storage volume. It doesn’t matter if you are going to store clothes or an industrial product, whatever it is, you should definitely use a shelf.

Warehouse shelving has certain principles, some of which we mentioned in the previous section. But you should know that not doing this or non-standard shelves will cause a lot of problems and chaos in the warehouse. Accordingly, the existence of a standard shelf is one of the requirements of a warehouse, and its absence can cause the fall of goods, pressure of products on each other and cause financial loss.

Advantages of using industrial shelving in warehouses:

  1. It will provide quick and easy access to the desired product.
  2. It optimizes the warehouse and prevents the hall space from being wasted.
  3. It prevents products from being pushed together and there is no need to stack products on top of each other.
  4. It will make it possible to store various goods in a warehouse.
  5. It reduces costs related to storage and the amount of checks of stored goods.

How can we prevent major damage in industrial warehouses?

Each of the things mentioned in this article, in turn, will prevent major damages and financial losses. The points related to the structure of the warehouse, the standards of industrial warehouse equipment and compliance with the laws related to warehousing are all involved in maintaining the security of the warehouse and its employees.

In order to prevent incidents, it is necessary to pay attention to these things and take safety patterns seriously. Along with all these tips, never forget to insure your warehouse. Recording all the events and goods in the warehouse when the damage occurred can speed up the follow-up process of the accident by the insurance and to some extent compensate for the financial losses.

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