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What is a metal pallet and what are its uses?

What is a metal pallet and what are its uses?

Pallet is in the category of equipment that is widely used in warehousing. If we want to provide a brief definition of a pallet, we must say that it is a metal, wooden or plastic structure that is used to store and transport items.

The first and oldest pallets were made of wood, but gradually, plastic and metal types also entered the production cycle. Nowadays, metal pallets have found a very good position in various industries such as food, health and pharmaceutical, petrochemical, etc. due to providing desirable properties such as strength and high impact resistance.

Metal pallets are often made of aluminum and iron. It is obvious that the properties and price of the metal pallet will change under the influence of its material. Therefore, knowing the characteristics of each of these types will not only help you determine which one is suitable for your work, but will also affect your cost estimate. In the rest of this article, we are going to talk about the metal pallet, its types, specifications and application.

All kinds of metal pallets

If you have ever purchased a pallet, you will realize that there are different types of pallets available in the market, each of which has its own use. For example, in terms of design, pallets fall into two general types: flat and walled (pallet box), and this is their most important classification.

Flat pallet

Flat pallet is also known as flat pallet. In fact, it can be said that the reason for the name of these pallets is that they are without walls, which, of course, causes them to have more limited uses than other types.

پالت مسطح فلزی

Box pallet

Walled pallets that have the shape of a box are called box pallets. The main use of walled pallets is to carry and store small objects.

The walls of the pallet box or pallet box allow them to be stacked and used as shelves in warehouses and cold stores. By doing this, you can make the best use of all warehouse space (even extra spaces).

Using metal pallet boxes instead of permanent shelves has attracted the attention of many storekeepers and cold stores. Because it imposes lower costs and whenever space is needed, pallets can be easily moved or removed.

Metal nets, profiles, and steel sheets can be used to make the walls of pallet boxes. The shape of the wall is one of the criteria for classifying the types of metal pallet boxes, and it places them in three general groups of folding, fence and net pallet boxes.

باکس پالت فلزی

Folding box pallet

Folding metal pallet box or hinged pallet has folding walls. The folding wall allows the pallet to be folded when it is empty and not in use to take up less storage space and have better portability.

پالت باکس تاشو
پالت باکس تاشو

Fence box pallet

The wall of the fence box pallet or profile is made of profiles that are placed vertically or horizontally. Due to the high strength of these profiles, this type of metal pallet is usually used in cases where high force tolerance is required.

Wire net box pallet

Mesh metal pallet is actually a type of pallet whose wall is made of mesh or mostly steel nets. These pallets are mainly used to store and transport small objects. The thicker these nets are, or if they are made of higher density nets, they have a higher strength, weight, and naturally, a higher price.

باکس پالت توری
باکس پالت توری
باکس پالت توری

Galvanized metal pallet

Galvanized pallet is one of the types of pallets widely used in cases that deal with moisture, such as cold storage. In fact, the cold storage metal pallet box or the pallet that is used for storing, shelving and even transporting different materials in cold storage, may need to be washed a lot. For this reason, it should be easy to wash and clean, while showing high resistance against rusting.

The best suggestion for applications exposed to moisture and corrosion is galvanized pallets. This type of iron pallet has a higher resistance against rusting due to the placement of a coating layer of zinc metal on their surface.

Galvanized pallets are produced in two ways: either they produce the pallet from the beginning with galvanized profiles and sheets, or after production, they put the ready pallet under the galvanization process.

The galvanized pallet produced by the second method usually has more applicants, which may be related to its better coating quality. Sometimes, due to welding, there is a possibility of losing the galvanized coating. For this reason, these areas are more prone to rusting and the possibility of corrosion increases.

Aluminum pallet

Aluminum pallets, which have received much attention today, are widely used in various industries. One of the advantages of aluminum pallets is their beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance. On the other hand, due to the favorable plasticity, they have no design limitations.

Types of metal pallet bases

The metal pallet is available in the market in two ways, with a fixed base and a wheeled base, and you can choose any of these two types according to the application you are considering. In cases where there is a need to carry cargo, it is better to buy a metal pallet with wheels, and for racking, a fixed base pallet will be suitable for you.

Metal pallet dimensions

Standard dimensions of metal pallets usually include 120×80, 120×100 and 110×130. But it must be said that many industries prepare their required pallets in customized dimensions. Metal pallets in all sizes and designs requested by customers can be supplied by Aeromart Steel Trading.

The use of metal pallets

Metal pallets, as mentioned before, have a great impact on the optimal storage management in large warehouses. In fact, wherever the depot and storage of items takes place, a trace of the metal pallet can also be seen.

Pallets are usually used for shelving, organizing warehouses and cold storages, transporting objects and making optimal use of all warehouse space.

What factors affect the quality of the pallet?

Various factors such as production method, quality of raw material used, welding method and equipment affect the quality of metal pallet. Therefore, there are different degrees of quality available in the market, if you do not have enough knowledge, you will make a mistake in your choice and suffer financial loss.

One of the things you should pay attention to when buying a metal pallet is to make sure to buy it from a reliable source and before delivering the load, inspect it so that it is not rusted or flaky. Have a healthy and good welding line and do not have bends and bulges due to impact.

Processes that can be performed on metal pallets

In different applications of metal pallets, we may need to perform processes on them to provide better properties and have a longer life and durability. Among these processes, galvanizing and painting can be mentioned.

Pallets are available in different colors in the market. This coloring, in addition to the beauty aspect, also has a protective role. Thus, it increases the resistance of the metal against rusting.

پالت فلزی

Comparison of metal pallets with other types of pallets

As we mentioned before, pallets are also available in the market in wooden and plastic types. But their use in industry is less than metal types. The reason for this use can be attributed to the advantages of metal pallets, which include:

  • High strength and weight bearing
  • Good maintainability
  • High longevity and durability
  • Having fewer design restrictions compared to wooden and plastic types
  • High resistance to heat and thermal shock
  • Easy cleaning
  • Non-ignition

The features that were mentioned show that metal pallets may have a higher initial cost for their purchase, but their durability and high durability bring a lot of economic justification.

Factors affecting the price of making metal pallets

Factors affecting the price of metal pallets include material, weight, type, daily price of metals, production quality, etc. Each of these factors may have a direct or indirect effect on the price of this product in the market.

The price of iron pallet may experience many ups and downs under the influence of iron price fluctuations in the market. Therefore, we recommend that you check the current price from reliable sources before buying. Due to the entry of buying and selling of hardware in the internet space, this work can be done by spending the least amount of time and money.

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