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What is the difference between rail archive rack and rail archive cabinet?

What is the difference between rail archive rack and rail archive cabinet?

Rail archive systems are a shelving system that makes spaces used for filing purposes look modern. By turning the flywheel, it moves easily on the rail and saves a lot of space, which enables the storage of multiple folders as a double-sided filing cabinet. In the following, we will discuss the features of the rail archive racks and its difference from the rail archive cabinet and important points for choosing shelving and filing cabinet.

The difference between a rail archive rack and a rail archive cabinet

The rail archive rack is considered a subset of the rail archive cabinet. There are several rail closets in the market that are selected and purchased according to their functionality. The more space the rail archive cabinets have, the easier it is to store and organize documents. The era of old wooden and metal cabinets for keeping documents and documents is over.

Rail archive cabinet

The rail archive cabinet is manufactured as a compact rail filing system that meets the needs of institutions. Intelligent filing systems, consisting of groups of one, two, three, four and five cabinets, moving on rails and thus saving a lot of space, make filing work easier.

Hundreds and thousands of transactions are carried out daily in government institutions, private companies and offices, and transaction documents are kept by filing a file. Some of these files and documents must be kept for years. Therefore, thousands of files go to the archive rooms of an institution every year. The files are placed in the rail archive cabinet according to the labels and coding. However, archiving thousands of files per year requires a very large archive room and hundreds of shelves. New compact archive cabinets can meet this need in the most ergonomic way. With this system, it is possible to store much more files and documents in much smaller areas.

What is the difference between rail file rack and rail file cabinet

Rail archive rack

Rail archive rack produces the most practical archive systems to meet the needs of institutions. Compact storage systems, consisting of single, double and triple rack groups, provide movement on rails and thus save space. Rail archive racks are not only used for filing files and folders. Products that need to be stored in each department can be stored with these archive systems. It offers a very wide area such as the storage of drugs in pharmacies, the archiving of tables and images, and the archiving of CDs and cassettes.

Color selection

You can also choose the color you want in the rail archive rack. Therefore, your archive rooms will have a beautiful effect. With this system, there will be no dusty shelves or worn out files in your archive rooms and a modern and stylish look will be created.

Storage and easy access to documents

Rail archive racks are manufactured for easy storage of documents. Therefore, order and efficiency increase in the relevant environment and documents are easily found. In order to add functionality, a numbering or alphabetic system is placed on filing shelves. With this system, you can get the requested document in a short period of time and avoid wasting time. Since ordinary filing cabinets are not enough to store documents, rail filing cabinets are more effective in this regard.

بایگانی ریلی

Compact steel archive systems

Important documents and documents are often accumulated in government offices, banks, hospitals, schools and factories, and the need for a steel rail filing rack is felt. Steel filing cabinets are used to store important documents. Especially from the point of view of the government administration, the steel rail filing cabinet is of great importance and provides the arrangement of the documents for which the approval of the government is found. For this purpose, special filing rooms are made and documents are stored in a reliable and easily accessible manner.

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